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Project Showcase: Custom Concrete Hot Tub Pad for Ultimate Relaxation

At Pro Quality Concrete, we pride ourselves on transforming residential spaces into personalized retreats. Our latest project, a custom hot tub pad for a client in North Texas, is a testament to our commitment to quality, affordability, and swift execution. Our client, a new owner of a luxurious Hot Tub Spa from Relax and Retreat Hot Tubs, sought a durable and aesthetically pleasing foundation for their investment. Understanding the importance of a solid and reliable base, we designed a 13' x 10' concrete structure that not only supports the spa but also enhances the backyard's overall appeal.

The Heart of the Project: A 7' x 7' Center Pad

At the core of this project is a 7' x 7' center pad, meticulously crafted to accommodate the Hot Tub Spa. This pad is not just about support; it's about ensuring a level and stable foundation that extends the life of the spa. Surrounded by equally sized and shaped modern pavers, the design seamlessly integrates the spa into the landscape, creating a cohesive and inviting outdoor living space.

Strength and Beauty Combined

To ensure the project's durability, we used 3,500psi concrete, known for its strength and longevity. The concrete slab is 6" thick, with a 6" x 12" perimeter grade beam, providing an unshakeable foundation. Reinforcement comes from 3/8ths rebar placed every 18" O.C.E.W., with a 2" edge gap, ensuring the structure's integrity over time. Adding to the project's aesthetic appeal, we incorporated decorative gravel - Mountain Berry Pebbles, sourced from Outdoor Warehouse Supply. These 7/8" pebbles fill 5.5" grooves, with 3.5" of concrete underneath for structural integrity. This detail not only adds texture and color but also reflects our client's unique style.

Quick and Efficient Execution

Understanding our client's eagerness to enjoy their new spa, we prioritized efficient project execution without compromising on quality. Our experienced team, equipped with the right tools and knowledge, completed the project swiftly, allowing our client to relax and retreat in their new hot tub in no time.


At Pro Quality Concrete, we believe in creating spaces that reflect our clients' dreams and lifestyles. This project, featuring a custom hot tub pad for a Relax and Retreat Hot Tub, showcases our ability to deliver customized, durable, and affordable solutions promptly. Whether you're looking to enhance your outdoor living space or need a reliable foundation for your hot tub, our team is ready to bring your vision to life.

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